What If You Took A Chance?

Hello, and welcome! 

I want to thank you for taking a chance today, on me and my blog. Look at that, you already did it and didn’t even know it!

Seriously though, I’m so glad that you’re here. 

I decided to take a chance and start writing about something that matters to me, and that I imagine matters to you since you are reading this – the complicated, nonlinear journey from suffering to healing.

I don’t know if anyone will like this, or read it, but it’s coming from my heart … so I’m taking the chance that it’ll resonate with other people searching for connection with themselves.

I’m right here alongside you, ready to share my thoughts, my own growth, and commit to complete honesty with you. I hope to bond with you through our commonalities, not project some high-and-mighty idea of what healing “should” be. It is a highly individual journey. I only just realized that it is even possible for me to heal. But it is, for everyone. What an amazing gift. 

I am here to bring you into a mindset of possibility. I, too, have felt so trapped for so long. Possibilities have helped me to open my own heart, mind and spirit to the idea that there is more out there for me. That there is purpose and meaning for all of us, just waiting for us to discover the door to our own truths and open it.

So what if, today, you took a chance on yourself? What if you believed that you deserve some of the love and attention that you give away so freely, and brought it back into your own soul? What if you decided that it’s time to live your precious life to its full capacity? 

Take a chance on yourself today, no matter how big or small. Listen to your inner truth. It’s been there all along, it’s just waiting for you to pay attention. 

You can do this. We can do this. 

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