What If You Put Yourself In The Way Of New Opportunities?

Life is what we make of it.

That’s really true. All the expressions you’ve heard a million times that may seem trite now still exist for a reason. They resonated deeply when first expressed. 

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and nothing exciting comes your way, examine whether you are open to new experiences. Are you exposing yourself to interests and activities that lie outside your usual scope? You might have tunnel vision and not realize it yet. It’s commonplace to get comfortable, become used to your routine, and stop seeking out adventure. This is when we tend to stop expanding and growing beyond our current capacity, and in turn begin to notice discontent that seems to insidiously creep in out of nowhere.

But everything comes from somewhere, and if you are dissatisfied and bored, the answer may be as simple as trying something new.

You may not stick with that new endeavor. You may not even like it. But you won’t know until you dive in. And so what if you don’t stick with it? You’re growing no matter what, and most importantly, you are training yourself to face the unknown with excitement rather than fear.

For example, a friend of mine recently completed her training in hypnotherapy. I knew close to nothing about what hypnotherapy actually is, and at first I didn’t think much of trying it. It didn’t seem like I needed to add in yet another healing modality. Then, as I noticed curiosity about it continuing to rise up into my consciousness, I thought, well why not? She isn’t that expensive, and it can’t hurt to try something different.

Fast forward a mere six sessions, and my time in hypnotherapy is the greatest highlight of my week. I’m continually amazed by the shifts I feel and the tangible progress I make towards my goals with each new dive into my subconscious. It’s helped me so much that I already consider it a non-negotiable financial investment in myself to attend these sessions. If it aids my healing this monumentally, it’s beyond worth it.

If you’d told me even a few months ago that I would now be a hypnotherapy devotee, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m also learning to never say never. 

Think about it this way. Doesn’t it sound exciting to discover facets and sides to yourself that you never knew existed? To find strengths, openness, interests, and passions that are as of now lying dormant? That’s the gift you give yourself by opening up to new possibilities. 

Next time you find your curiosity piqued by something, pay attention. Lean into it. Listen to your body and your intuition, not your doubt-ridden and dismissive brain. It doesn’t hurt to try something, and if you hate it, guess what? You can always quit. It’s your life. Don’t just let it all pass you by while you hold back and worry.

You can do this. Embrace the unknown! You will discover so much about yourself. I’ve got your back, and I love you. 

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