What If You Choose A Life That Excites You?

There is an incredible amount of low-vibration energy in this world directed at those of us who want to live a life that feels meaningful.

I believe it comes from the fact that the collective feels threatened when we try to rise to a higher vibration or do something differently, instinctually attempting to drag us back down into the status quo. Consciousness is a mirror that most do not want to gaze into, terrified of the truths staring back.

We are told, over and over again, from childhood on, that a meaningful life isn’t viable. The message, explicit or implied, is this: a meaningful life won’t make you enough money to survive. You won’t be successful in the way that society deems relevant. You can’t have everything you want. You should be grateful just to get by. Art and creativity and healing are hobbies for the weekend. Never quit your survival job. If you leap, you will likely fall and fail.

Here’s what I say to all of it – fuck that.

Aren’t you tired of fearing your own desires? Don’t you yearn to live in a way that truly lights you up while you’re here? Do you want to make choices you regret because you let the opinions and discouragement of others stand in the way of your truth?

I’m definitely tired. I’m fed up and frustrated. I am no longer willing to slave away at a job that leaves me spiritually void because society tells me I should feel grateful to have it. I can have appreciation for the gifts in my life thus far and still want something different. I’m done allowing anyone to tell me what I should and should not desire. Only my intuition gets to fill that position.

If you feel stuck, defeated, or trapped, you aren’t crazy or ungrateful. Your inner self is begging you to listen, and you are either too afraid or too disconnected (or both) to notice.

I have something very important to tell you. That fear and disconnection? They aren’t you. They don’t come from inside you. They feel like they do because they were implanted there so long ago. You may have felt them for as long as you can remember. But they are not your true self.

They are false stories that your family, your peers, your circle, and society told you so often and convincingly that eventually you came to believe they are true and they are yours. They are not.

You are so much more than these lies, and yet you listen to them because it’s all you’ve known. Aren’t you tired of letting the fear squash everything you’ve ever deeply wanted and imagined for yourself? It’s time now. It’s time to get back to the basics, to reconnect to yourself, and to rebuild your sense of self-trust and worth.

All we have is time, and your time is running out while you keep yourself small and afraid. Do you really want to waste whatever life you have left? I don’t believe that you truly do. I don’t believe that you want to look back on the years gone by with regret.

You have a responsibility to yourself as a adult to heal and transform the narrative you absorbed in your developmental years. You cannot change what’s happened, but you can move forward instead of staying stuck in stories that never served you. You are free, if only you believe it.

You can choose a life that excites you, that lights you up, that brings meaning and purpose to each day – but it’s up to you to take the necessary steps. Don’t listen to the negativity.

You got this. I love you, I believe in you, and you are supported. Breathe. Trust yourself.

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