What If You Tried Being Instead Of Doing?

The simplest things in life are often the hardest to achieve.

If “just being” was easy, all the modalities meant to help us get to that pure and elemental state wouldn’t exist. We’ve created a world where it’s nearly impossible to take the time to sit, breathe, and fully inhabit one’s body. It’s all go go go and no grounding down. I can’t stand it. I crave the ability to sit with myself and get to know who I am inside.

I don’t buy into this idea we’ve been sold, this story that we have to grind our lives away working all day, barely paying our bills no matter how hard we try. I don’t want to spend my youth in a prison of obligation and debt to material things only to look back and wish I’d taken more risks with my freedom. I refuse to let someone else’s fear dictate my actions. It’s my life and it’s time I take control of it instead of giving the reins over to doubt and self-sabotage.

We are wasting our lives away in constant motion, afraid of sitting still, terrified of what we’ll find if we actually face ourselves. Maybe we won’t like what we see. Maybe we can’t outrun our past. Maybe we will have to let it all crumble in order to get back to the essence of who we are.

The breaking open isn’t the problem, it’s the story the world sold us – the story that falling apart is a bad thing.

Just be … right? The hardest thing in the fucking world to do, but so easy to say. To be requires a deep level of commitment to facing every aspect of oneself. It asks that we sit down with each part of ourselves and that we stay no matter how uncomfortable or afraid we feel. In order to access the journey, we have to remain in the game regardless of what comes up.

So what if today you committed to noticing how much you do and how little time you have to just be yourself? What if you worked on this first, and then slowly but surely found ways to slow down a bit? To do less and be more? We think all this “doing” is so crucial, but it’s not. You can let go, and once you realize how much better your life becomes when you simplify it, you’ll only want to go deeper.

Learning to love every last part of yourself is the hardest work you will ever do, but also the most beautiful. Imagine a world where you could exist all day every day, moving through life with ease, at home in your own skin no matter what. I dream of such joy.

Let’s work together to get there. I believe that we can build a better world by becoming true to ourselves, learning to communicate with compassion, and expanding our capacity to love. What else is there, really? This all ends. You can’t take any of your stuff with you when your time is up. It won’t matter if you finished your to-do list. None of that is important when it comes down to it.

You can start working your way away from doing and towards being. You got this. Baby steps. Gentle gentle. Sending you love.

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