What If It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Else Thinks?

We waste so much time worried about the opinions of others. Can you imagine how much energy you’d save if you genuinely didn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of you? I know a lot of us say we don’t care, but we usually do to some degree. Think about how freeing it would be if you let go of trying to control how you appear to the world.

Control is an illusion – most of what happens in life is out of your hands. You certainly can’t dictate the thoughts of others, so why waste your time?

There is a lot of emphasis these days on how we should make ourselves appear to the outside world. It’s all about image and social media presence and blah blah blah. It’s incredibly stupid. If we only paid a tenth of that much attention to our inner selves, we’d make strides beyond our wildest imaginings – but we are caught up in our superficial external world instead.

Caring about what others think is a distraction from the real work. When you commit yourself to discovering your own truth, the other nonsense begins to fade away. The more intimate you become with who you are, the less you will care about anyone else’s approval. It honestly does not matter. All that matters is that you have a high opinion of yourself. The rest of it is just the flattery your ego craves.

What anyone else thinks of you is not relevant. In the end, we only have ourselves, and so your relationship with yourself is the most important bond you can cultivate. Other people come and go. That’s just life. Worrying about what they think causes needless unhappiness and anxiety.

Breathe. Let it go. Bask in the freedom that this release brings. If you disengage from your need to please others, you claim your unlimited ability to explore your truth. You are entitled to be exactly who you are, and you can do so by accepting that you will never please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.

The only opinion that matters is your own. Remember that and you’ll be just fine. You are perfectly capable of freeing yourself from the prison of constant people-pleasing. As long as you embody yourself, you’re doing the right thing. Keep up the good work. Sending you love.

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