What If You Let Your Life Flow?

I’m realizing lately that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

We make it complicated. We add in all sorts of moving parts and pieces that really aren’t necessary to our well-being. We muddy our overarching objectives and goals with needless distractions. Life can really be quite simple, but instead of letting it flow the way it’s meant to do, we bring in extra obstacles to keep us occupied. We use anything and everything to keep us from doing the most important work – becoming still.

It’s uncomfortable, and we don’t want to do it, so we add layers upon layers to our already busy lives.

Learning to become still is a work in progress for me, even though I’ve been slowly moving towards it for some time. Part of my journey towards just being is learning to feel safe and at home in my own body. Without this sense of safety, stillness is dangerous. The anxiety inherently present inside me at all times, the lack of safety, gives me the urge to keep moving and doing. It feels scary to sit with myself. Because I’ve never really learned to feel safe in my skin, my inner self seems unfamiliar – and the unknown then feels even more dangerous. It’s a cycle of fear and self-sabotage that I’m determined to break, no matter how long it takes me.

Once we settle into stillness, we learn to listen to our true intuitions. With all the chaos and chatter, both inside and out, we cannot tune into that deeper voice of our souls. Stillness leads to clarity, and that in turn leads to the willingness to trust the flow of our lives.

What if you started to tune into that beautiful intuition today? What if you trusted yourself and the universe enough to move into a flow state and let your life unfold naturally as it should, without forcing or restricting anything?

You are capable of getting there. When you start building that sense of safety and trust in yourself, the rest will follow. It might seem daunting now, but once you begin reaping the rewards of your connection to self, it’ll all be worth it.

You got this. Go with the flow. Sending you love.

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