What If The Integration Is As Important As The Information?

I came to understand recently that change isn’t just about absorbing all the information on healing and inner work that I can get my hands on. That’s the essential first step, but it’ll never be very effective if I don’t integrate that information after I’ve taken it in.

Integration is everything. You can read all the books and watch all the talks and attend all the coaching, but if you aren’t integrating this new information, it won’t make its way into your system and settle there. You. Must. Take. Time. To. Integrate. It’s best to do this right after you absorb knowledge, if possible. You probably don’t think you have time for all that – maybe committing to making space for the book or the talk or the coaching already feels like a lot. But guess what – just like you had to go to class AND do your homework, you’re much better off if you learn and then allow it to sink in.

If you never thought about this before, that’s okay. I didn’t either. I figured, I did the work, now where are my results? How come I’m not magically transformed just because I heard and read everything that everyone recommended? It took a coach advocating for integration after her session for me to appreciate the fact that I’ve been missing a deeper, essential layer. I’d always felt that something just wasn’t lining up, but couldn’t understand why.

Integration may take a while. It also may not, but give yourself permission to melt into this process for as long as you need. It isn’t about how much time you think it should take, or how someone else handles it. One major through line in all of your self-worth work is learning to embody yourself as you are and truly allow yourself to exist however you are. And – this is important – don’t handicap your integration by jumping into the next thing! I understand the urge. I’m the queen of trying to “get things done”. The only way you get healing done is to listen to your intuition, and if the shift doesn’t feel quite integrated, stay with it. Stay with it as long as you need, even if that means you leave and come back to it, over and over, until your body’s innate wisdom takes the reins.

Learning to implement integration into my healing process has changed my life, and I believe it can help you with your success on your own journey. You’ll always feel like you don’t have enough time. Prioritize your healing above all else – nothing else can thrive without it.

Sending love and healing energy!

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