What If You Just Go For It?

Do you ever take chances? Really go all in?

Making major leaps can be terrifying, especially if you’re always in your head. When you overthink instead of living in your body, you can’t connect to the decisions that truly resonate for you. This leads to self-doubt, second-guessing, and even more anxious overthinking. It’s a never ending cycle, until you learn to clarify what your true self wants.

This isn’t an easy task, at least not for most. You were probably taught your entire life that you should be up in your head, analyzing everything and coming at it from a cerebral perspective. You can do this all day long and still make decisions that could seem logically sound but that keep you feeling stuck. Even worse, you may turn to anyone and everyone else for advice while ignoring what your own gut is telling you.

No one else can make your decisions for you. They aren’t living in your reality, and they can never truly understand what you need. Only you can do that.

Look, I’m not saying do something that’s guaranteed to put you in jail or get you killed. It doesn’t have to be extreme – but what it does have to be is intrinsically true to you. When you go for something, you don’t worry about the opinions of others. You don’t fear failure.

It takes work to get to a place where you can go for something. You first learn to love yourself, then to trust yourself, then to ground down and listen to what your body and spirit are telling you. It’s a process and something that you constantly go back to in order to keep in touch with your ever-evolving needs. Take your time. Give yourself the gift of patience, and have compassion for yourself when you fall into anxiety and fear. You are unlearning habits that you’ve been trapped in for a lifetime. It won’t happen overnight, but you can do it. You can set yourself free from the constraints of the lies that you tell yourself, the stories that others have made you believe about who you are.

Then, when you feel ready, when you trust yourself – what if you just go for it? Even if you aren’t sure you’re “right”, or qualified, or you don’t know what lies ahead? What if you do it anyway?

I’m about to go to Costa Rica for three months to work as a guest liaison and yoga instructor at an eco-retreat. When I applied for the job, I thought, I’m definitely under qualified, but screw it. Something about this really calls to me. I’m going to just show my spirit, be myself, and see what happens. So I sent in a video, and they liked me. I could’ve turned down the offer – talked myself out of it and told myself I can’t live up to what’s required. I could’ve gotten into my head and let my judgmental, critical voices take over and discourage me. But I didn’t. I said yes, and I decided that I can handle whatever comes my way. I love myself and I will still love myself if I make mistakes and have tough days and have to learn and improve along the way.

A year ago I never would’ve applied for this job, and if I had, my lack of faith in myself would’ve shown in the interview. I don’t think I would’ve gotten hired, because I would not have believed I was worthy. People can sense that kind of energy. The difference I’ve made between now and then is working on loving myself, trusting myself, and tuning into my inner knowing. It’s a slow, gradual process, but it’s already made all the difference.

So what if we do this thing we call life the way we are supposed to, instead of pushing to achieve what our soul doesn’t want? Instead of giving a half-assed effort to something because someone else told us it was a good idea? What if we go all out, because otherwise, honestly, what the fuck is the point? Why are you here? Why am I? Certainly not to languish in a pit of despair and self-hatred. I don’t believe that’s what’s intended for any of us.

You are capable of learning to trust yourself and then following your intuition. You can achieve anything your soul truly wants. You got this. Be kind to yourself. Sending love.

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