What If Life Is Supposed To Be Enjoyable?

This blog came to me because I tend to be on the serious side, generally. I like to laugh and play around and have fun, but I’m definitely not someone you’d consider fancy free and careless. I’ve always been … mature for my age. I used to think that was a great quality, until I realized all it meant was that I never really got to have a childhood, I’d always shouldered a lot of responsibility, and I’m actually out of balance. It’s almost like I forget that it’s necessary to be silly and free and playful sometimes.

Also, let’s be real – life doesn’t feel very enjoyable this year. It’s a difficult and frightening time for many, and for the collective overall. There is definitely a shift happening, perhaps even a breaking open, if we can get ourselves there. I’m not trying to be an ass and spiritually bypass all the wretched shit that’s going on all around me. I’m not going to tell everyone to just be positive and it’ll all be okay! Because sometimes, it just isn’t going to be okay. That’s how life works.

The thing is that an easy and pain-free existence isn’t a realistic goal, and yet we see it as one. No wonder we’re so miserable, spending our time trying so desperately to find the magic wand that keeps us from having to experience unhappiness, instead of realizing that all we have is the here and now. We are going to go through hardship, and heartbreak, and pain. We get to decide whether we let that inevitable element of life ruin the rest of our time here, or whether we cherish and emphasize the joyful, positive moments. We can even learn to understand and appreciate the difficulties, if we work on living in love and gratitude.

Yes, I said work. I know I talk a lot about work, but life ain’t easy, y’all. If it’s not going to be easy, all the more reason to enjoy the sweetness when it happens. We aren’t here to just trudge through our timelines in misery! We are here to dance, to play, to create, to imagine, to sing, to laugh, to shout and ENJOY. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Take those small moments of joy and capitalize on them. Expand them until you can stretch them to their full capacity. You might be surprised how much happiness and enjoyment you discover when you’re paying attention. Love the time you’ve got, because you never know how much more there is. Your experience of your life does matter, and it doesn’t need to be a miserable one. Sending you some vibes of joy!

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