What If Your Own Opinion Of Yourself Is All That Matters?

It’s the truth, but I know it’s hard to actually follow the truth sometimes. You can know in theory that no one’s opinion matters but your own. That doesn’t mean you’ll magically feel that way all the time. It’s difficult to move through the world with so much strength in oneself that no one can shake you.

Your opinion of yourself is the foundation of your entire life. Don’t you think you deserve to cultivate positive and affirmative feelings towards yourself? If you’re like many people, you never even consider what you think of yourself. You are wrapped up in what you think of others, what they think of you, but none of that is nearly as crucial as simply really liking who you are. It’s time to take care of this relationship so that you can grow and thrive in your own right.

No more worrying about what “they” think. Who are they anyway? What are they to you? I know it’s hard to let go of caring about the opinions of those around you, but your life is far too fleeing and precious to bend and shape yourself into something untrue.

Let the monkey mind go. You cannot control what others think of you any more than you control the wind’s patterns or the ocean’s tides. You’re wasting your energy in places where it makes no difference. Why not invest it in yourself instead? You deserve that much. Cultivate a sense of self and an inner knowing so solid that not only will you stop caring about anyone else’s opinion, you will be impervious to anyone who projects negativity in your direction. Personally, I think that sounds like a great place to be. Imagine how content and happy you could be if you weren’t swayed by the feelings of anyone else, but rooted down in your solid foundation.

You got this. Start working on your relationship with yourself. Focus inward and learn what you like, don’t like, need, don’t need, want, don’t want … so on and so forth. Figure out what your inner self wants from life and don’t pay any mind to what people outside of you tell you to do. They can’t know. They are not in your skin. Your opinion of yourself is what you’re left with at the end of the day, so nurture and nourish it. Self-love is the most important work you will ever do, and it will change your life for the better.

I love you. You matter. Learn to be your own best friend. You’ll be so glad you did.

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