What If You Refuse To Compromise On What You Want?

Are you tired of being told you’re unreasonable for wanting what you want?

Sometimes it seems like the entire world tries to make us feel guilty simply for being ourselves. Why do people tear you down when you expose your hopes and dreams? I suppose it comes from a place of feeling like they themselves couldn’t have it, so neither can you. Maybe they are insecure, resentful or skeptical. It could be any number of things. All I know is that you can stop listening. Drown out the voices and focus on what you know in your soul to be true for you.

The limited perspectives of others do not negate your own vision. It’s time to quit letting the chatter distract you. You have this one short life – do you really want to waste it worrying about what others think and letting them tear you down to their own level? The kind of humans that you want in your life will uplift and support you, not tell you that what you want is impossible. Keep the people who believe in you no matter what you want, and dump the rest.

Now look inward and examine your own tendency to keep yourself small. Where does it come from? False beliefs? Old stories? Have you been taught since a young age that you must compromise to make up for the dysfunctions of others? Do you believe yourself unworthy of the happiness, success and abundance that you aspire to? There are so many reasons that we convince ourselves to stop short of where we want to be.

So what if you let go of all the shit for just a minute and zero in on what you actually desire in your life? What if you go back to the time when you were a really little kid and still believed anything to be possible? You still have that hopeful, determined child inside you, and guess what? Anything IS possible, if you can let go of the obstacles you’ve placed in your own path. Work on trusting yourself again. That’s the key.

You do not have to compromise on getting what you want out of your life. I truly believe that. Don’t let the words of others or the voices in your own head cloud your intuition – you know that you have purpose and meaning in this world. You can not only step into it but thrive there. You were literally born for it, so why would the universe ever keep you from it? It won’t, not permanently.

You can have everything you ever dreamed of – you just have to truly believe it’s possible. Your needs, hopes and desires matter. Sending love.

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