What If You Learn To Quiet The Noise Around Your Truth?

We talk a lot about discovering our truth and tuning in to intuition. What we don’t speak to as often is the fact that this is a real difficulty for most.

If consistently finding and tuning into your truth was easy, then everyone would be doing it. But even if you get to a point where you are dialed in to who you are and what you want, maintaining that connection is a lifelong commitment. You will need to use mindfulness and presence to come back to it. There will always be factors that distort and threaten your relationship to your intuition, but those factors will also shift and change.

The biggest difficulty, I feel, lies in staying in your truth despite everyone around you. People will inevitably trigger you, or tempt you to stray away from who you are. Sometimes the force of another person’s energy is so great that it’s difficult to stay in your own, especially if you are sensitive. I know because I feel like I constantly have to fight to stay grounded and peaceful in myself without letting anyone affect me adversely.

You will encounter situations every day that threaten to bring chaos and clutter that interferes with your own knowing. That’s just a fact. I’m sorry to say, the work is … work! It takes practice to stay within your own grounded energy and trust your inner knowledge. When you feel yourself lose balance or begin to get wrapped up in someone else’s shit, take a moment. Breathe. Allow some space if you need it. Boundaries around your energy are important.

Don’t let anyone else interfere with your own truth. It won’t be easy. People who are not grounded themselves tend to feel uneasy around those who are and unconsciously may try to bring you into their own imbalanced space, the space where they feel at home. They aren’t ready to do their own work yet, so yours makes them uncomfortable. This isn’t anyone’s fault, you are simply in different places right now. They’re probably not consciously trying to sabotage you, they just don’t understand how to relate to you where you are.

The trick is to be gentle and also firm. You can’t expect anyone else to see things from your perspective, but you can protect yourself and your own needs above all else. We have a natural tendency to want to make other people comfortable at our expense. Resist the urge to sacrifice your peace and energy for someone else’s happiness. Keep coming back to yourself, again and again, and check in. What do you need? It will change, so take moments throughout your day to ask yourself regularly.

With time and practice, you can become so secure in your own energy that no one else can shake you. I believe in your ability to protect your space and your needs. You got this. I love you.

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