What If Everything Is Actually Okay?

For real though. What if it is?

Is it possible that things are okay? Or that they just might be, if you could shift your thinking and perspective to a more positive one?

Negative mindsets do no one any good. You aren’t helping yourself or anyone else if you are living in a state of constant anxiety, worry, and pessimism. When you come at life with a fear-based perspective, nothing ever feels okay. Do you want to keep on like that forever?

Many of us are stuck in that place because our reptilian survival brain thinks that it is keeping us safe. If our nervous systems are imbalanced and stuck either in a fight-or-flight or freeze response, we cannot function in the world optimally. That’s just a fact. We have a responsibility to ourselves to do the work to heal our nervous systems and our self-esteem so that we can begin to live our lives as fully as possible. If not, why are we even here?

I propose to you an idea: whether you think positively or negatively, the circumstances of your life are technically the same. Nothing improves by coming at it from an angry or bitter perspective. So, if that’s the case, what’s to lose by trying something different? Why not soften into the idea of letting yourself relax, accept what is, and see how you can affect the present moment by opening your heart up to the possibility that things can feel different if you choose to allow it?

You are the only person who can change and heal your life. That’s it. It’s all on you, and you can decide whether you want to spend your short time on this earth in agony or in relative peace. And the thing is, everything actually is okay, if you can sink into a space of non-attachment and mindfulness. It is what it is. Freaking out and acting from a reactionary place has never helped any situation, ever. Think back on every time in your life that you’ve behaved with fear, defensiveness, anger, trauma, insecurity… has any of that ended well? I highly doubt it.

You are where you are meant to be. That doesn’t mean life is a perpetual dreamland. Often where we are meant to be doesn’t feel that great. We are here, in Earth school, to learn and grow and change and come back to the root of ourselves. That often means struggle, confusion, pain, grief, anger … no emotion is a bad emotion. They just are, and it’s our job to move through them and let them go. But, despite it all, you can keep your state of inner equilibrium if you trust that everything really is okay.

You are okay, always, in every moment. You have the courage and wisdom to shift your life. I believe in you, and I love you.

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