What If You Celebrate Your Inner Fire?

Do you know your astrology chart? I don’t mean just your Sun sign – that’s a tiny piece of the whole puzzle. I think a lot of people dismiss astrology because of this, because they don’t think it makes sense that their Sun sign identifies them as a whole – and that’s because it doesn’t. Astrology charts are complicated and highly personalized, relying on not only your birthdate but also the time and time zone in which you were born.

There’s a lot to delve into there, but I digress. I bring it up because I have a ton of fire in my chart, and most of it is in my first house – which means it’s highly prevalent in my personality. Once I learned this, a lot of things made sense to me. Yes, I’m very fiery, and I always have been. But as a woman, it can be particularly hard to embrace that fire and not feel judged or rejected for it.

I’ve made myself small for a very long time, feeling that I’m always “too much” or unacceptable to those around me. It took me a while to realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, but I still don’t totally embody that sentiment. Why? Why do we feel the need to water down our inner spark? Why do we feel judged and frowned upon if we express ourselves in the fullest of our expansiveness? We have to shift this perception that being in our big, beautiful souls is somehow unacceptable, messy, disruptive, or too much for this world. The truth is that the world desperately needs each of us to embody our truths in their ultimate depths.

You have inner fire – we all do. It might feel stagnant, stuck, or dormant, but it’s in there. You have passion and drive and a vibrant will to live a meaningful existence while you’re on this planet. What if instead of fearing it, you begin to embrace it?

I know it’s terrifying. When you have as much fire inside as I do, you’re afraid that if you release it, it’ll burn out of control. That you’ll lack any dominance over your own action. That you’ll burn so brightly that everyone will turn away, blinded and as frightened by your power as you are now.

The only way to harness the power you carry within you is to turn towards it rather than away. You can learn to love the magical fiery glow that resides there, simply waiting for you to tap into it and let it carry you on your way. Work on trusting yourself and trusting that anything that you hold inside cannot be wrong. There is nothing incorrect or malignant about you. Your fire is beautiful.

So what if you lean into celebrating your inner fire? Trust in your inner knowing and trust that it’s there for a reason. You can leap if you only let yourself. Shut out any outside noise that may distract you and simply listen to the only voice that matters – yours. You’ve got this. Your fire is not only magical, it’s necessary! I see your light and I love you.

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