What If There’s Divine Light Within All Of Us?

I believe this to be true.

No matter how our brains and our external conditioning make us feel, we are all worthy. We all have magic that lives within us. We are all part human and part divine light.

So how long are we going to stay in the darkness?

It’s so hard for us to believe in and embrace this, even though there’s a light within each and every one of us. We are afraid that if we step into it, we will be rejected or judged by those around us. That they will call us arrogant, obnoxious, even deluded. We don’t want to be in the light if it means being there all alone.

I suggest a different perspective on the idea – each one of us that steps into our own light is shining a path for those around us to do the same. We are showing them that it’s okay to be yourself and to celebrate everything wonderful about you. There’s no shame in self-love. It may make some uncomfortable, but that is only because they haven’t come to a point where they see their own light yet. Have compassion for them. Remember when you were in that same position.

When you do step into your light, take care not to become blinded. The point is not to outshine anyone else or make them feel less than. The point is to stand in the truth of who you are with such humble conviction that they have no choice but to accept you as yourself. In that way you provide an unassuming example of the peace we can all achieve when we see the divine light in ourselves and in all others around us.

How can we hate ourselves or anyone else if we are aware of this universal divinity?

When you are balanced between your humanity and your divinity, embracing both the light and the dark, the rest reveals itself. Here we come into communion with ourselves and all other beings. Here we find the harmony we seek.

You have a divine light within you, regardless of whether you feel connected to that yet or not. I encourage you to develop a relationship to that light, and also to begin to develop the ability to see that light in others, even when their humanity may overwhelm it at times. This will bring more compassion into your heart for both yourself and everyone else.

I believe in you, and I see your divine light. You are beautifully human and perfect exactly as you are. Anything you perceive as a flaw is merely a challenge for you to find greater love and compassion for yourself, so that you can eventually come to celebrate the special being you are. Sending love.

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