What If You Move With The Flow Of Change?

As humans, we tend to resist change. It’s unknown. It’s unfamiliar. It feels scary. We would rather stay in a realm that is less than ideal than risk something worse – even if there’s a chance at something better.

Unfortunately, as I’ve learned the hard way over and over throughout the years, when we resist change we also block the natural flow of energy in our lives. We can’t prevent it – the only thing that’s certain in this world is that we will encounter change, in all areas, in all ways. I totally understand the urge to resist. When things are great, of course we don’t want them to shift. And when they’re not … well, maybe we wish they somehow would magically get better, but we are afraid to take the steps necessary to create that transition. Maybe we don’t even know what those steps are, so we stay in paralysis.

Think of it like swimming in the ocean. When you are out in the waves, it does you no good to resist the flow of the water. If you panic, afraid that you’ll drown, you start wasting all your energy trying to tread water. Meanwhile, the undertow keeps pulling you further and further away from the shore.

Better to quiet your mind, float atop the swells, and let them start to carry you towards the shore. Towards safety. Towards security. But we must have patience and faith – in the universe and in ourselves – in order to get there. We believe that the security lies in trying our hardest to make it there through sheer force, but that usually drags us away from our goals, not towards them. Breathe. Go with the flow. Trust.

It’s not an easy transition, but just like anything else, it becomes more natural with practice. When you begin to break with outdated patterns, it feels uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean it’s the incorrect path. It just means it’s something new, and that’s a good thing.

When you get into the flow of the energy of your life, it’s a great feeling! Trust that you can move through the discomfort to the other side, where everything becomes much easier and more intuitive. It’s a wonderful place to be in, and after finding familiarity with it, you can bring yourself back there again and again until you simply stay in the flow all the time.

You’ve got this. You are capable of finding the energy flow in your life that enables you to move through change with grace and trust. I love you.

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