What If You Let The Little Shit Go?

Aren’t you exhausted?

Remembering every little slight, lack of pleasantries, and instance of forgetfulness from each person you pass on this journey through life? Tell me, is it worth it to hold on to them?

I understand that it feels bad when others don’t treat you as well as they could, but when you carry the resentment caused by that lack of consideration, who suffers? It’s not them. You have choices here. If you want to preserve your healthy state of mind, you can choose to bring it to their attention and make them aware of how their behavior affected you. From there, you can see how they respond and adjust – or don’t. Or, you can just breathe, understand that you can only control yourself, and let it go.

I am also someone who always expected a lot of people, and as such, felt constantly disappointed. No one could live up to my standards – especially when they were entirely unaware of them. But rather than accepting people as they were, or simply moving on to those better suited for me, I would stubbornly cling on and try to force them to be different. Guess what? No one ended up happy. Certainly not me.

Now I let little injustices slide off my back as often as possible. We cannot be in another person’s shoes. They could be distracted that day, have something heavy weighing on their mind. There are a million reasons why someone may inadvertently slight you or not be as pleasant as they could be. You cannot control their actions. All you can do is control your response and whether you choose to let it ruin your day, or to move on with compassion and kindness. This isn’t to say you have to stay in the presence of those who are continually inconsiderate or careless, but again, you have a choice there as well. And no, the choice is not to stick around only on the condition that they completely shift who they are to suit you. That’s just not how it works.

So what if you alleviate your burden by letting the little shit go? There’s so much to carry in this life as it is. Why make it heavier by holding onto what isn’t yours? Trust me, the people in question don’t remember those little transgressions. Don’t clench them in the angry fist of your heart. Open. Release. Lighten. It’s not worth it.

Next time you want to hold some little shit in, I encourage you to notice and mindfully release it. If you stay present to this moment, you can’t possibly keep the toxicity with you – it’s already past. Let it stay there, where it belongs, and move through life with joy and lightness. Don’t let the behaviors of others bring you down.

Sending you lots of love and happiness.

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