What If You’re Just Taking Shit Too Seriously?

Yep. Guilty.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in making decisions, weighing options, and overthinking pros and cons. Often I forget that whatever I’m so worried about isn’t actually a big deal. Will it affect my life? Sure. But, if I step back and ask myself, what’s the worst that can happen? I usually realize that it won’t turn out that badly, no matter what I end up doing.

I’ve always tended to err on the serious side, even as a kid. My childhood was such that I had to grow up very quickly, and I never quite lost that sense that I need to take care of everything. Maybe you’re like this too, or maybe you are carrying extra weight for other reasons. I’ve gotten much better at managing my anxiety, but I still get worked up when it comes to making choices for the future of my life. Yes, I do believe that you can only be where you are meant to be. I also believe that we keep stepping out of alignment over and over until we finally learn to tune in. Quite frankly, I’d rather get onto the right path as soon as possible.

I realize it doesn’t do any good to put added pressure on myself. It doesn’t help me lean in to my intuition or find compassion for my own humanity. It simply gives me insomnia and distracts me from focusing on what truly matters. I spend a lot of time finding that sweet spot of balance and peace for a bit, then falling back into old patterns, then trying to reel myself in. Hopefully the process gets easier as I continue to become more aware.

Some things need to be taken seriously, but honestly, most do not. You are going to be fine. I’m going to be fine. Weigh your options but also ask yourself, will I be okay no matter what I do here? Most likely the answer is yes. Even if it’s not, odds are it’ll all turn out alright. If it doesn’t, then that’s just another learning experience. Life, after all, was never meant to be simple and carefree. There will be difficult experiences along the way. Don’t add to that by making the rest of it heavy! Enjoy everything that you can. Take your time, breathe, laugh, live well. Savor the special moments and appreciate every tiny bit.

Worry can wait. You get to decide what your life feels like. It can be depressing, glum, bleak, boring … or each day can feel like a new dawning, a chance to make fresh discoveries and create vibrant experiences. It’s up to you, but I suggest maybe you stop taking shit so seriously.

Keep up the good work. I love you.

One comment

  1. hey amy

    I would like to ask you a question

    if you can go back in time what are the things you wish you’ve done and the things that you wish you haven’t done

    what advice could you give to teen girls ?


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