What If You Are The Only Obstacle In Your Own Way?

I’m not trying to sound abrupt, but it is a rather harsh truth to swallow. I know because I’m in the very moment of realizing it for myself.

It seems to me that you can know deep down that you are in your own way, but as long as you find excuses and other reasons for whatever it is that you’re NOT doing, you can manage to ignore that part. You retain this nagging sense of dissatisfaction, though, and one day you can’t take it any more. You start doing the inner work. It brings you insight, clarity, understanding … and a whole lot of discomfort. When you are finally honest with yourself, you can release a lot of toxicity. On the other hand, you have to stop avoiding everything in your life, inside and out, that you haven’t wanted to face.

Suddenly, it’s right there. It’s not about circumstances, or other people, or timing, or even money. The real reason you aren’t where you want to be is that something inside you, something still unhealed, is preventing you from reaching it. There are usually several layers to this blockage – insecurity, fears, inherited thought patterns, limiting beliefs, leaky boundaries, and lack of trust and love for oneself, to name some of the most common. You don’t want to believe that all this “ugliness” lives within you, but there it is. You cannot ignore it any longer. You have done the work to rid yourself of all the excuses, and now there’s nothing left but you and what you swear you want to accomplish.

And yet, you aren’t doing it. And now you have to reckon with the reality that it was never any of the outside factors that kept you from it in the first place. It’s what is still living, unhealed and frightened, inside of you.

You don’t know who you will be if you allow yourself to expand. Maybe you’ve never had a single role model in your life who’s done it, or you believe that you don’t have whatever qualities you’ve assigned to those who have risen into their dreams successfully. Maybe you’re already so tired from doing the work that you’re simply discouraged to now come up against the hardest fight of all – the fight of believing in yourself and what you’re capable of so fervently that nothing and no one can stop you from pushing forward.

Then again – this is why you’re doing all this inner healing in the first place. To keep moving forward. To keep rising and then finding that something is here to push you to another level. It wouldn’t be called growth if you got to lay back and coast along, right?

The truth is that most of us carry excuses and reasons in our minds for why we can’t accomplish what we want, or get ahead, or whatever it is – and also that for most of us, these are simply covers for the fundamental energy blockages within us that are the true issue.

I have good news for you. Now that you are aware of this, as tough as it may feel in this moment, you can finally do something about it. If you were unaware of what was going on inside you before, then you had no hope of changing it. Now you do. And yes, it’s more work, but think of everything you’ve accomplished up to this moment. Think about how much better you are, how much better life is for you and those around you, because of the growth and evolution that you have made happen. And yes, that is all due to you. You’ve done this for the betterment of yourself and your world. Be so very proud of yourself. Don’t forget, in the stream of your continuing work, to celebrate all your victories along the road . That’s the only way to remember how far you’ve already come.

It is okay that you are your own biggest obstacle! We all are! Now that you are aware and accepting of this fact, you can sit with yourself and ask yourself what you need. Give yourself all the compassion, patience, and abundant love that you would someone else in the same situation. Would you beat them up? Verbally abuse them? Tell them that they’ll never get past this? Of course you wouldn’t. Don’t do it to yourself either.

Think about it this way – if the obstacle was outside yourself, you couldn’t control it. But if you are the worst thing in your own way, you also have all the ability in the world to alter that fact. How empowering is it that you can absolutely transform your own trajectory? If you can hold on to this perspective, rather than becoming overwhelmed or terrified, anything is possible. I truly believe this for you.

You’ve got this. You can get out of your own way and make all your dreams possible. Take your time, keep on doing the work, and as always, have patience with yourself. Your newfound awareness is the most crucial step in your journey towards freeing your truth. Sending you all my love and hope for your success!

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