What If You Make The Choice To Be Happy?

I’m reading The Untethered Soul. If you haven’t delved into this one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s thoughtful and mind-opening. It’s helping me to view myself and my time on this earth in a new light.

In the chapter I just read, author Michael A. Singer makes the point that we always have the ability to be happy. We just have to make the choice – not just to be happy when A, B and C happen, or if D, E and F don’t happen. We can make the decision to choose happiness regardless of what’s happening in our lives. Unconditionally.

We have to make this choice and keep choosing it whenever a challenge comes up to threaten it. That will happen – it’s the way of the universe, testing our commitment to ourselves and our goals. Sadly, in our world, simply choosing happiness is radical. I don’t believe that we are meant to live in misery, but we let the events of life determine our feelings. We have to strive to get to a place where circumstances and random happenings don’t shake our foundation. If we live at the whim of what’s out of our control, we will never feel in control of our inner workings.

Truth be told, there’s very little we can do about the flow of the world around us. Why not choose to enjoy the short time we have on this earth? Life happens regardless. We can have fun and decide not to take it all too seriously, or we can live trapped in our own fear and anxiety. It’s all up to us.

So what if you make the choice to be happy? Maybe you’ve never realized that it is, indeed, a decision. I spent years trapped in the bullshit that my mind manufactured, convinced that I was just wired to be miserable. It’s not true. None of the stories you tell yourself that keep you small and stuck are true. Victim mentality can be very convenient, even safe, but it does nothing to elevate our vibration. Do you want to be happy or unhappy? It’s a very simple question, but committing to unconditional happiness is not.

Take the leap towards joy. After all, what can it hurt? You either stay where you are, or you try something new. I promise that if it doesn’t work out, you can go back to feeling miserable and unsatisfied – but I hope you don’t! Let’s take this journey together. You deserve to be happy. I love you.

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