What If You Stop Trying To Fill The Void With Mindless Materialism?

Is anyone else tired of relentless marketing?

I don’t want to buy any more things. I’m tired of being constantly told why I “need” this or that, whether it be products or services. It’s fucking annoying. Can we just live? Seriously. Even social media now feels like a constant attack, every post filled with reasons we should buy whatever it is they’re selling. I’m beginning to feel like we aren’t allowed to be humans anymore – if we aren’t somehow marketing ourselves as products, we aren’t valuable to our spiritually devoid capitalist society.

Yeah, I feel bitter about it. I don’t want to brand and market myself as some kind of transaction. I want to live and breathe and laugh and dance and curse and make an ass of myself. I don’t give a shit if anyone thinks I’m worthy of their investment. I know that I’m worthy of everything that I want.

Part of what I want is for the world to wake the fuck up and learn that we are never going to heal by buying more crap that we don’t need!

Money is energy, and as such we should be more particular about how we spend it. Where we put our money is where we put our energy. When you simplify your life, you lessen your stress and anxiety. It’s really that simple. Pay more attention to where you are putting your money and your energy.

Buying something to make yourself feel better is just another form of numbing, like drinking or watching hours of mindless television. It doesn’t really help you – in the long run it may even hurt you, because you don’t have cash flow to finance what you may actually need, like mental health services or alternative healing methods.

No matter what we are talking about, you’ll do best to be discerning with your money. This goes for services, too. Sometimes we sink money into online coaching or other programs when we don’t really have the time or energy for them. We also fail to research what we are getting into, falling for their marketing and branding instead. I don’t know about you, but all that actually turns me off. The more someone tells me that I need what they’re offering, the less I want it. I would love to just be left in peace for once without someone shoving whatever they’re selling down my throat.

Healing is never going to be as easy as buying something. You know that’s not the solution. If it was, everyone would be happy as could be. Yes, healing may involve spending money – on therapy, acupuncture, coaching, or a number of other options. Those are all aids to your process, but the bottom line is that in order to heal, you have to be willing to put in the work and stick with it when it’s painful. I can promise you that it will sometimes hurt. You have to walk through the fire to come out on the other side of it.

Aren’t you tired of trying to cover gaping wounds with tiny bandages? Aren’t you tired of feeling like shit, and then spending your money, and feeling worse because now you feel like shit AND you’re broke? Aren’t you tired of repeating your same defeating patterns over and over again?

Stop feeding the bullshit capitalist machine. Trust me, you don’t need any of it. All you need is yourself and the desire to work through your issues. When you focus on healing and ignore all that noise, you realize how very little you actually do need. Our society has brainwashed us into desiring the wrong things, and it’s time we pushed back.

You will never fill the void you feel by acquiring more stuff. You will only ever fill it by doing the inner work necessary to heal yourself. That’s the truth. Stop spending your money on crap, and start investing in yourself and your mental health. It is all that will matter in the end. You’ve got this. I believe that you can learn to see through the BS and into your truth. Sending much love to you.

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