What If It’s Time To Move On?

I’m feeling a bit conflicted about writing this blog lately.

Over the past year, I kept writing What If Journey because I felt called and inspired. The topics came to me easily, and I loved writing about them. I loved reaching out with what I’ve learned on my journey so far and asking questions that I hope inspire, challenge, and provoke thought.

Lately, it feels more like an obligation. Ideas don’t come to me so easily, and when I do come up with one, it doesn’t feel as organic as it once did. I can see the difference in my content, and feel it when I’m writing. I don’t want this to be something that I don’t believe in. I know that, as a Manifesting Generator, my strength lies in recognizing when something doesn’t light me up anymore, and moving on to something that does.

I also know that everything ebbs and flows, and being in a slight creative rut doesn’t necessarily mean I should abandon ship. I can’t always quit when the going gets a bit tough. If I just stick it out, it’s very possible that my energy and inspiration will return.

So, for now, I’ll keep plugging on, deriving motivation from my journey as it unfolds, and writing even when it feels difficult. Not every blog has to be a great blog. Consistency, persistence, and determination will win the day – and if I do realize that it’s actually time to pivot, than pivot I will. Until then, I’ll see this as just another obstacle that the universe is using to challenge me. I trust that I will know if and when it’s time to actually move on.

Decisions aren’t always easy. Sometimes intuition feels muddled and confused. Know that it’s okay, and that nothing is wrong with you if you aren’t sure right now why you’re in a rut or how to get out of it. Trust in yourself. Trust in something bigger. Trust that you will figure it out eventually.

I’ll work this out, and you’ll work out whatever you may be dealing with too. You’re strong and resilient. I love you.

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