What If Anything Is Possible?

Pssst… anything IS possible.

I got to attend a coaching session with the wonderful Sylvester McNutt recently, and he said this – what would you do if you knew that anything is possible? How would your attitude and approach to life change? I hadn’t really thought about it that way before. I loved his passionate belief in the magic of possibility. I mean, he’s not wrong. The single biggest obstacle we have in life is that we, consciously or unconsciously, set limits on ourselves.

This isn’t a new concept to me. I’ve read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, where he talks at length about Upper Limiting. I began to notice myself doing it, subtly self-sabotaging in ways that I never before saw. We all have certain ideas about what we are capable of, and because of this, we often keep ourselves from achieving more. How can we climb higher than we believe is possible? We can’t.

Still, the way McNutt phrased it was so simple and effective. What if anything is possible? Seriously, what if? Just a few words, but so full of hope and optimism. It’s also impossible to negate. Even if you try to come at it with cynicism and a multitude of reasons why anything is NOT possible, the answer can always remain: but what if it is? There’s not much you can do to combat that, because you have no proof of the opposite. The only way that you can create proof is by stopping the possibility before it’s able to happen. And that’s not real proof.

On days when I’m struggling with trust and belief in myself, I try to say to myself, what if anything is possible? The hope in that simple statement inevitably buoys my spirits. If we can let ourselves believe in this for just one moment, and then another, and another, we can change our outlook on our lives. How would you live if you knew that anything is possible?

It’s time to stop setting limits on yourself. Sure, the world may not always deliver exactly what you want – but what if it does? You’ll never know if you keep taking the opportunity away, so sure that you don’t deserve what you desire. Leave yourself open to miracles and they just might happen. The universe, believe it or not, does have your back. It doesn’t want you to fail. Imagine if every single person on this planet refused to try to improve their current situation because they think that the universe is out to get them. That would be a pretty shitty world, wouldn’t it?

Why not believe in something hopeful? It won’t hurt you to try. Keep your chin up, and when you’re feeling down, remind yourself that nothing is forever and anything is possible. Life is a journey, not a destination, and the more we enjoy the ride, the happier we will be. Sending you so much love.

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