What If You Just Do It?

Nike is right. The key to life is just doing it. Doing life. Running towards when you want to run away. Facing your fears as soon as they arise, before they have time to cause stagnation, procrastination, and self-sabotage. You are capable of just doing, if you put your mind to it.

Upon reading this, any number of thoughts are probably growing in your mind. They might include the words “but”, “can’t”, “should”, “need”, “maybe”, “eventually”… you get the idea. Do you see how your brain jumps in to defend and, in essence, defeat you before you even begin? You have all the excuses set in place already, from years of NOT “just doing it”.

I only write about this because I too struggle with it every single day. It’s amazing how easy it is for us to invent ways to run away from achieving, focusing, and moving forward into our goals. The power of our minds is incredibly strong. If it wasn’t, we would all be thriving in our genius, creating constantly, and living our dream lives. But our minds, they don’t trust the unknown. They try to keep us safe in the familiar, and by doing so, hold us back.

So we have to overcome our minds. But how?

The first step, always, is awareness. Noticing how your brain holds you back and keeps you stuck in the same old patterns. Learning to instead tune into the wisdom of your body and quiet the chatter of your thoughts. Viewing your monkey mind with compassion and saying, I see you and I hear you, but we are choosing a new way this time around. We have to try something different, or we will keep getting the same results.

Personally, I’ve always made my best decisions when I’ve trusted the reaction of my body and not waited for my mind to kick in with doubts and worries. My least aligned decisions always occur when I ignore my body telling me no and do something because it seems like a good idea or the right thing to do, in theory. Your body does not lie. When you learn to understand what it’s telling you, you can then trust it – trust yourself.

I encourage you, if it truly feels right, just do it. Don’t let your brain jump in with all the reasons you can’t and you shouldn’t. You’ll never get where you want to go if you live in constant fear and doubt. You’ve got this. You are capable of setting your fears aside and following your truth. This is your life and how you want to spend it matters. Sending you love.

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