What If This Is All There Is?

What if we stopped regretting the past or idealizing the future and just stayed right here?

We only have this moment. Right here, right now. That’s it. This is all there is.

When we live anywhere else but right here, right now, we miss out on our lives. All those little moments of happiness, humor, joy, irony, silliness, grief, vulnerability, tenderness – we rush through them to get to “what’s next”. But if we are always doing this, then we do the same exact thing when we are actually in “what’s next”. We miss the intricate, simple beauty of our entire lives.

And yet, somehow, we still say “this is all there is” as if it were a bad thing. As if anything else is even possible. But it’s not. This is all there is, and that’s beautiful, if we learn to live in the moment and fully appreciate it for everything that it encompasses.

That’s all I’ve got for today. It’s a pretty simple concept, but embracing it is a true art of presence and mindfulness. Being present to your life is the most important skill you will ever learn. I recommend beginning as soon as possible. It’s never too late to appreciate the time that you have in this life.

I love this moment, and I love you!

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