What If It’s Not A Mistake When Everything Goes Well?

Do you live in fear that when something is good, the other shoe is always about to drop? Not to get all woo-woo on you (who am I kidding, I’m totally woo-woo), but when you think that way, you are actually calling in that negative energy. Consciously or subconsciously, if you don’t believe that you deserve good things, you will sabotage yourself.

One of my favorite authors, Gay Hendricks, calls this “upper limiting”. He says that we have limiting beliefs that cap how much good we allow into our lives. Once the level surpasses what we think we deserve, we start subtly sabotaging that abundance. It happens in the sneakiest of ways, too! For example, sometimes I’ll be on a lovely hike. Everything is going well – the weather is great, the views are beautiful, I’m feeling healthy, strong and content. Then (seemingly) out of nowhere, I’ll start reminiscing about my last boyfriend and how sad I was that things didn’t work out between us. That? That’s Upper Limiting. I am not used to feeling entirely happy, so when I’m in a situation where I am, I don’t believe I deserve it. I start bringing myself down without even realizing it. To me, that thought arising seemed totally unrelated to my mood in that moment – until I knew better.

When I finally did notice how often and habitually I limit myself, I was shocked. No wonder I felt like I wasn’t progressing – I actually stop myself from doing so! It’s really helpful if you start paying attention to the ways, big and small, in which you sabotage the goodness in your own life. It always comes from a place of feeling unworthy, undeserving somehow.

I am here to tell you, whether you are currently capable of believing it or not – you deserve all the good that comes your way. You deserve everything that you want. You are worthy of the world, because you were born. It really is true. I know you that you probably don’t feel that way – most of us don’t. If we did, then this wouldn’t be a discussion! As you do the work to love and trust yourself, you get closer and closer to believing that the abundance in your life is there for a reason.

Next time everything is going well, pause and notice what’s coming up for you. Do you feel fear? Apprehension? Pessimism and negativity? Are you sure that at any moment, something will shift for the worse? It’s amazing how we keep ourselves from abundance, just by mistrusting that it’s for us. It is for you. Really. Just once, try letting the good stuff ride. Be grateful, be present, and know that though life ebbs and flows, you don’t have to live in fear of losing your joy. As long as you can expand your vision for yourself, there are no limits.

You’ve got this. It’s not a mistake when everything’s going well. I believe in you, and I love you.

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