What If You Eat To Truly Nourish Your Body?

Let’s be real, most of us don’t. Especially in the United States. We are so removed from true health and from the wisdom of our bodies. We get tired, and instead of paying attention to whether we need nutrition or hydration, we turn to the quick fix of more caffeine. We eat foods stuffed with sugar, wheat, and dairy, and wonder why we feel like shit.

We feel like shit because we treat our bodies like shit by eating like shit!

Eating well takes some effort, especially in a country where there are so many packaged foods stuffed full of preservatives, with lists 50 ingredients long. First rule: stay away from those. Second: buy as much fresh and local food as you can. I know, not everyone is lucky enough to live somewhere this is possible, at least not year round. But do your best. Third: Stop drinking soda. Stop drinking coffee all day. Stop drinking so much fucking booze! Is it really worth it to screw up your system so badly? I’ll answer for you. No.

I’ve got a few more – stay away from sugar, unless it’s natural. I do NOT agree that it’s bad for you to eat whole, fresh fruits. They are full of necessary vitamins, fiber, and water content. Stop eating so much freaking dairy, too. Many of us are intolerant of dairy products made from cow milk, and either way, if you have more than a little it’s just not healthy for you. Also, refined grains, refined pasta, refined anything – just get rid of it.

It seems to me like most of this should be a no-brainer, but it just isn’t that simple. We live in a world where I often wonder if we are being deliberately turned into unhealthy, sedentary, imbalanced sugar junkies. Nothing makes me happier than going to the farmer’s market, bringing my haul home, and making myself a delicious, healthy, clean meal – and knowing exactly what is in it. We are too often eating and living in blissful ignorance of what we are putting in our bodies, just because it tastes good.

The body is the vessel for the spirit. It is a miraculous wonder that operates and supports us even when we don’t always nourish it well. We haven’t been taught to love and respect it in the way that it deserves. When we take care of it, give it all the nutrients and balance that it needs, and keep the poison OUT … well, then, it will respond favorably and take care of us.

It’s tough to shift eating habits, especially if they are ingrained from childhood. I think that getting off sugar is hardest because it’s so addictive, and it’s in so many food products. I do promise you that you will reap benefits you can’t even imagine if you begin to honor what your body needs. Everything becomes happier and healthier – your internal systems, your hair, your teeth, your skin. When you eat and hydrate correctly, you find a new vitality that needs no caffeine for support. And when you cut out alcohol, you sleep better and increase your longevity. There is no downside here. Except giving up things you think you “need”, because you’re addicted to them.

You can change your habits. You can change your relationship with your body. You can change the way you view food and nourishment. The sooner you can shift this, the better. Don’t wait until dis-ease arrives to make the necessary adjustments. You’ll regret it.

Sending you love! When it feels hard to pass on that piece of cheesecake or sugary cocktail, remind yourself how good your body feels when it’s clean, healthy, and running optimally. You got this.

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