What If All You Need Is Encouragement?

Sometimes we just need a kind word to keep on going. It’s nice to be totally self-sufficient and confident, but who doesn’t get a boost from some authentic praise? We all go through low times. We all feel doubt and worry, no matter how sure and focused we might usually be. It can feel like we’re just screaming into the void, unsure if we are helping or affecting people positively.

I think I’m a decent yoga teacher, and I enjoy leading classes. Still, yoga is such a personal and internal practice that I often look around the room wondering how the hell my students are doing. It’s so hard to tell! I know that when I practice, I’m the same – immersed, focused, and still enjoying myself. Even with my own personal experience being on the other side of the coin, I get insecure sometimes. Are they bored? Do they hate my sequencing? Am I talking too much? It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole.

I try not to worry about what anyone’s thinking and do the best job I can regardless. Even so, it’s heartening to get positive feedback from my students. Otherwise I can’t really know if they like my classes, other than the fact that they might come back. A woman came up to me the other day to tell me that she loved my class more than any other she’d ever taken. That five-minute interaction with her completely made my day – hell, my week! I don’t think she has any idea how much it meant to me to hear that, how much it encouraged me to keep on doing my best.

I think the optimal way to move through life is as a cheerleader for others. When you enjoy what someone is sharing with the world, let them know. People truly appreciate it. The more love you spread, the more will come back to you. I believe that. You never know what other people are going through and what a difference you can make in their lives with a few kind words.

You might be struggling yourself, and I do hope that someone gives you the encouragement you need. Of course it’s best if we can give that to ourselves, but sometimes we need it from an outside source as well. We have everything we need within – but support and community are also important! Life is too short not to celebrate and nurture each other.

You get what you give – spread some love today! I’m sending some of mine to you. Keep on going. You’re doing great!

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