What If You Discover The Prayer In Play?

I saw this phrase in the guidebook for one of my oracle decks and it struck me – don’t forget that play can be prayer too. I like that sentiment so much. We often think that to be spiritual, we must be constantly introspective and serious. That’s not the case at all! Maybe restrictive, repressive organized religions taught us that. Maybe it comes from our Puritan roots – at least in the United States. I have no idea.

The truth is that there is so much prayer in play! When we play, we delight in the gifts we’ve been given. We use our spirits for joy, laughter, and lightness, raising the vibration of this planet. We so often deny ourselves the right to play, or simply forget to do so – but every single one of us could use a bit of lightening up, in my opinion. Play is not trivial or a waste of time. It is an essential piece of a balanced human life.

We can all find the prayer in our play – dancing with joy, using the power of our unique voices in song, simply allowing ourselves to stay very present in our surroundings. There are endless ways to bring play into our lives, and we can start right now. Find little moments of play as you move through your day. It will bring humor and joy into your spirit, and what better prayer is there than that?

Go play! Sending you love.

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