What If You Put Your Joy Ahead Of Your Schedule?

Okay, not all the time. Then you’ll never get anything done. But what if you stop worrying so damn much about your schedule and make time to, oh, I don’t know, enjoy your life? What if you don’t guilt yourself for not finishing every single task when something personal comes up? What if you make time to be fully present with yourself, knowing that your productivity and focus is actually enhanced by life balance?

You can’t get everything done all the time. Honestly, why do you want to? Will cranking out work like a robot be something that you look back on with fondness? I doubt it. You miss out on so many beautiful, subtle moments in life when you have a tunnel vision focus. You deserve to take time out for yourself, knowing that everyone and everything else will survive your temporary absence.

Here’s the thing about the world – it tends to keep on going no matter what. No offense, but your contributions are not so monumental that it stops spinning when you do. You can breathe. You can experience. You can rest. It’ll all be there waiting when you’re ready.

Next time that you’re tempted to say no to an opportunity that will enhance and enrich your life, look at the motivation behind your decision. Are you really uninterested, or do you feel guilty for taking time away from your obligations? What’s more important, the tasks or your mental health? I really hope you choose your mental health. Every time I think about taking a day off and feel guilty, I remind myself that I have never in my life regretted taking a personal day.

When you choose to balance your life and take care of yourself, everyone wins. You feel happier, healthier, and more equipped to deal with your responsibilities. You are a better boss, coworker, partner, parent, and friend. By taking time away to feed your joy, you actually benefit everyone around you as well as yourself. Joy has got to be the priority in life. We can’t be here to trudge along working constantly, mired down in endless to-do lists, constantly stressed. That absolutely cannot be the reason we are here living on this earth.

Choose joy. Choose balance. Choose yourself. You won’t regret it. Sending you love.

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