What If Your Weirdness Is Your Superpower?

Aren’t you tired of giving a shit what anyone thinks of you? It’s really a waste of energy. Feeling self-conscious all the time is uncomfortable, diminishing, and exhausting.

So you’re weird. So what? Everyone is weird! The people who act the most normal are probably the strangest underneath it all. They’re just trying harder to hide it. Haven’t you ever wondered why we spend all this time hiding our weirdness from each other? Wouldn’t it make more sense to lay everything out there in the open, since we’re all odd anyway? Then we could spend that time and energy on pursuits that actually benefit our lives instead.

Sure, your brand of weird might not align with someone else’s. That’s cool. If we were all the same, this world would be pretty boring. Let your freak flag fly, let theirs fly, and don’t waste time judging each other. Living in total honesty and truth will feel so good, if you have the courage to do so. Admitting your weirdness is a strength in itself – it takes the pressure off everyone around you. It might even allow them to talk about their own uniqueness. What a beautiful gift to give.

I’m telling you, your weirdness is definitely your superpower. Whatever it is that makes you unique is where it’s at! That’s your niche, your specialty, what sets you apart from others. We all have different gifts to bring into the world. Sit down and journal on whatever it is that you think makes you strange or different. Then take a moment to appreciate how those qualities make you who you are. Maybe even follow up by writing about how you can use those special talents and interests to brighten the world.

No matter how alone you feel in something, you never are. There is always someone out there who feels exactly the same – but you’ll never know it unless you are brave enough to show yourself.

Let that weirdness shine brightly! I’ve got you. I’m weird as hell too. This whole world is a bunch of freaks! You’re doing just fine. Sending you love.


  1. Amy, you certainly are a talented writer, and your courage to be vulnerable and to share your journey is helpful and inspiring! Thank you for another excellent post!

    In the spirit of celebrating our weirdness, this quote always makes me smile . . .
    “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”
    ~ Alfred Adler


    • Thank you kindly, I appreciate your words of encouragement! And yes, that’s so true … no one is normal! And who would want to be anyway?


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