What If It’s Okay Not To Be Okay?

I am so tired of the stigmatization of mental health issues. Are we done yet? In this modern time, we still can’t let go of weird misconceptions and preconceived notions about taking care of our inner selves?

It seems not. So, if you haven’t heard it lately, it’s okay not to be okay.

In actuality, there’s no such thing as “okay” anyway. What does that even mean? If you think about it, there is a standard of normalcy that is commonly accepted by society but has no actual meaning. We could have totally different standards of normal – it’s all pretty random. In fact, they have shifted dramatically many times throughout history. Perhaps we should try releasing our attachment to them. Why let some random parameter decide our lives? I, for one, choose to find my own way.

What if we instead normalize the reality that everyone is pretty fucked up? I don’t know a single human who doesn’t have some kind of mental health issue. If they think they don’t, it’s because they’re suppressing them. So how stupid is it, in a world where everyone needs to work through shit, that we all pretend we’re doing fine?

It’s laughable to me. I do not understand. Somehow we are still stuck in this bizarre denial of our inner worlds, our trauma, and our learned behaviors. Even if we know we’re screwed up, we decide that we don’t have time for it. Most of all, we don’t want to face the reality of our dysfunction. Burying it is the worst thing we can do – and the most common reaction.

Can we please just stop already and admit it’s okay not to be okay? Whatever that means? That we all have grief and anger and fear and shame and that’s what’s fucking normal? If we don’t start talking about it like it’s normal, nothing will ever change. I am very ready to shift this.

Start normalizing talking about mental health like it’s, well, normal. The more confident you are in your acceptance, the more willing others will be to also talk about their issues. And if people don’t like it, thank them for showing you that their presence in your life isn’t aligned. You’ve got this, brave soul. Together we can pave the way to a more accepting and inclusive world!

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