What If You Adjust Your Agreements?

Sometimes, life requires an adjustment of agreements. This can mean agreements with yourself or others. What’s an agreement? Something you’ve committed to doing. It can be as straightforward as making sure you keep your appointments and show up on time. It can be as subtle as making an agreement with yourself to monitor negative thoughts and toxic self-talk.

We do our best to keep our agreements and stay in integrity with ourselves, but sometimes, life changes. Sometimes the agreements need to shift as well. In this new year, I am adjusting my agreement with myself to post on this blog three times a week. My life has changed since I began What If Journey over a year ago. While I love writing it, I’m recognizing that I need to spend more time and energy on other focuses. So, I’m going to scale down a bit and write twice a week instead.

As you can see, adjustments don’t have to be huge. You can give yourself some slack and still keep integrity with the initial intention of the agreement. What matters most is making the adjustment mindfully, only doing so when actually needed (not as an excuse!) and then following through with whatever it is.

If you are adjusting your agreements with others, make sure you have a clear conversation. Communication goes a long way towards maintaining harmony and minimizing confusion. You can’t adjust an agreement with someone else only in your mind and expect them to know what’s going on!

Try your best to keep your integrity as you move through life, but also know that it’s okay to adjust with the flow of life as it changes. You can do so with mindfulness and consideration. Sending you love.

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