What If You Just Need Some F*cking Time Off?

Do you let yourself rest?

I mean true, deep rest. Not a nap. Not a “day off” from work where you spend every moment running errands and catching up on everything else in your life. Not even a day spent supposedly relaxing but with a schedule in your head nonetheless. I know you know what I mean – you go lie on the beach, but you bring your journal, 3 books, your Italian lessons, etc etc etc. That’s not true rest, y’all.

As usual, I can bring this up because I’m completely guilty of all the above. I believe that, especially in the U.S., we have absolutely no idea how to relax. We don’t know how to do… nothing. Nothing at all. Just experiencing the moment, not trying at a damn thing. Sounds weird, but if you think about it, I bet it rings true.

Have you ever seen anyone sitting and enjoying their beverage outside a cafe and doing nothing else?Just existing? No phone, no book, no journal, no companion. Sitting, sipping, and experiencing the world around them in real time. Truly tasting the drink. Truly seeing it all. What a fucking talent that is, one that is increasingly rare. We have this ever-present anxiety that if we do anything of the sort, we are somehow wasting time.

But what is the real waste of time – failing to complete the to-do list, or staying so occupied that we fail to live our lives as they happen? If you died an hour from now, would you be glad that you spent that last bit of life dashing through the supermarket? Imagine you instead spent it on a quiet walk through the forest, absorbing every sight, sound and smell, deeply loving the world around you. Which feels better in your soul?

You probably need a vacation – and I don’t mean a vacation spent exploring all day every day, taking a million tours, or drinking by the pool and passing out. I mean doing nothing. Letting the day take you where it wants naturally, wherever that may be. No plans, no distractions, no numbing. Just existing with yourself, resting when you need to rest, and getting deeply connected to your mind, body and spirit. When you don’t give yourself this nourishment, you cannot live your life fully when you do get back to work.

We all need time off, and most of us don’t take it. It’s time to give yourself this much-needed gift. It’s time to truly and deeply rest. You can learn how to do this – and there’s no time to waste when it comes to nourishing the deep parts of you that so desperately need it. I love you. Now go love yourself.

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