What If You Stop Lying?

It’s time to stop lying – to yourself and to everyone else.

You probably don’t even notice most of your lies. They’re such small, subtle elaborations on the truth that you don’t think of them that way. Or perhaps you aren’t speaking an untruth, but simply omitting some crucial detail in order to avoid conflict or spare someone hurt. There are many tiny ways to lie, and we all engage in them.

Most often we lie to ourselves, a million times a day. We tell ourselves the stories that live in our heads – “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not worthy”. These count as lies too! We lie to keep ourselves safe, to keep ourselves small, to avoid reality. We lie to others to keep the peace or avoid the inevitable. I bet that if you sit down and really examine your day, you’re lying a whole lot more than you think you are.

I’m not saying you should hate on yourself for this. We all do it. Just start to become aware of when you’re lying, both to yourself and to others. Then get aware about the reasons you might be doing so. The more awareness you cultivate, the sooner you can start developing the skill of communicating with radical honesty.

Radical honesty does not equal cruelty. In fact, when it comes to the lies you tell yourself, it’s quite the opposite. You probably say some pretty mean stuff to yourself now, but you’re so used to doing so that it feels normal. At first it’ll feel weird to say positive things instead, but do your best. You deserve to speak nicely to yourself – because the shitty stuff, that’s just lies.

You can also be honest with others with kindness and diplomacy. Yes, state your truth, but you don’t have to be mean. It’s actually worse not to be honest, because you’re wasting their time and making yourself unhappy as well. Once you start viewing everything that isn’t your absolute truth as a lie, you’ll start to shift your story. It might feel very difficult at first, but you will clear so much blocked and stagnant energy from your life!

Strive to stop lying in every little way that you can. Become aware, shift, and take action. Your life will fall into place with clarity when you start to align and move into total authenticity. Sending you love!

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