What If You Let Yourself Rage?

I firmly believe that it is healthy to release your anger in a way that does not harm yourself or others. What’s not healthy is keeping it all bottled in, hoping it’ll dissolve away somehow. Guess what? It won’t, and you could actually make yourself sick by denying it.

Suppressing emotions leads to physical, mental, and emotional distress. Your body is meant to be a vessel through which energy flows freely. When you block that energy, you create problems, plain and simple. We tend to complicate everything, but it’s really that basic. Trust your body, listen to it, and give it what it needs. That includes a healthy release of anger.

Sure, sometimes you might be angry with someone, and want to rage AT them. Do your best to take that feeling and find another way to get rid of it, on your own. Fighting with heightened emotions won’t get you anywhere – best to deal with whatever is triggering you and try to approach the situation when you feel you can communicate non-violently.

What helps you release steam? Do you even know? Experiment. It might be running, boxing, or some other intense physical activity. It might simply be screaming your lungs out into a pillow and beating your fists against something. It might help you to get into a natural body of water, like a river or the ocean, and take deep breaths to get back into the moment. Everyone is different. Find your personal medicine.

It’s good to let yourself rage – if you let the energy out in a healthy, non-harmful way. We don’t get to express enough as adults in this world. Watch a kid – they let all their emotions run through them. Then they’re fine. It’s over and done with. If we can get back to that same, simple flow of energy, we’ll all be a lot happier.

Find your personal expression of rage and let it rip! You’ll feel such a surging cleanse of your system. I encourage you to get curious and have fun figuring out what works for you. Sending you love.

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