What If You Fully Embrace Where You Are?

I don’t necessarily mean the physical location of your body – though that can also be relevant. I mean where you are in your life at the moment. All the different elements of your internal and external world can be a part of this present-moment experience. It’s sometimes hard to embrace the moment, in each and every moment.

It’s easy when everything is going well and you’re feeling fine. Who can’t embrace where they are under those conditions? The challenge here is leaning into the difficulty, the uncertainty, the sometimes unpleasant emotions. You have to let yourself get uncomfortable in order to evolve, but that’s not what your brain wants you to do. It would rather you stay safe in the same old familiar zone. It doesn’t want you to fully embrace where you are if that place doesn’t feel comfortable.

Life is often stressful, challenging, and confusing. That’s just the way it is, for everyone. You are not going to be able to bypass that, so you might as well work on embracing it. Run towards your life – don’t waste your time trying to avoid it. You’re only hurting yourself by not engaging fully with its each and every moment. After all, you don’t know that you have another day or even another hour past this one. Wouldn’t you rather live in the present, with a clear heart and open eyes, truly feeling everything?

When you have a hard time embracing life, remind yourself that this is the meaningful work that will propel your evolution. You deserve to inhabit your mind, body, and spirit as the best and most mindful version of yourself. Take a deep breath. Smile. Life, even when it’s tough, is still good.

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