What If Everything Is Skewed By Perspective?

There is no such thing as reality.

There is your version of reality – the world as you see it through your own lens. You probably believe in this reality wholeheartedly. So what if I told you that every other human has their own version and also thinks of it as truth?

There is only your reality as seen through your perspective. That doesn’t make it the “right” way. It makes it the right way for you. And, if you can grasp this concept, you start to understand how everything in this whole world is filtered through the perception of each person that absorbs it.

This might throw you off and cause you to feel insecure. Most people don’t think this way. It’s a deeper understanding of the nature of the human psyche and the true reality of our existence. You are probably used to assuming that because you perceive something a certain way, your perception is correct. Perhaps, hopefully, this important realization opens you up to the viewpoints of others. Knowing that there is no “correct” way to be, you can start to find tolerance and acceptance for them. Everyone is inhabiting a reality based on their own lived experiences – including you.

It can be fascinating if you really sink into it – no one else is seeing anything the same way you are. They aren’t experiencing the same things in the same way. You both look at a flower and you might experience that flower completely differently. It’s kind of cool, really. This knowledge will help to open up your world if you embrace it instead of finding it frightening. There is nothing to fear – this is a truth that existed long before you were born. Nothing is different, except that you’re now aware of it.

So, next time you’re frustrated or confused by someone else’s ideas and opinions, remember that they are experiencing the subject through an entirely different lens than you are. That might ease your stress a bit. It might even get you curious and promote more tolerance in your interactions. Don’t get so attached to your viewpoints that you forget they are just that – yours. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, or wrong. It just means they aren’t going to be everyone’s, and that’s okay.

Everything in this world is skewed by each individual perspective. Don’t get yourself all twisted up arguing – get curious and open instead. There is no true reality! How fascinating is that?

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