What If You Practice What You Preach?

It’s easy to talk. It’s harder to implement.

Some days are better than others, of course. We are all human. But do you find yourself encouraging of others, yet not so much of your own efforts? Are you able to dispense amazing, helpful advice, but find yourself empty when you look towards your own life?

It’s difficult to practice what we advise others to do – but it’s also the best way to remain in integrity and provide a meaningful example. It’s also the best way to know firsthand about the benefits of what you are telling others to do. This builds trust and confidence.

For example, would you prefer to study with a teacher who is a student of their own methods, or someone who only teaches and never uses their own processes firsthand? Do you trust someone who doesn’t live by what they are sharing? I don’t. I want to learn from people who are teaching what they themselves use to heal and improve their own lives. I want to learn from the kind of teacher who is always a student first, who knows that the capacity to learn more is infinite, who is humble and curious.

Basically, I want to be around those people who practice what they preach.

Take a good look at your life. Perhaps make this a journaling exercise. Make note of the beliefs that you have and the advice you impart to others. Then look at whether you follow your own advice, or if you slack off when it comes time to live up to your words. It might not feel comfortable to look into these habits, but it’s important if you want to grow and evolve.

It’s easy to preach – it’s not so easy to practice. Be careful with the words you use. Be kind and compassionate towards others. Remind yourself that while you can easily dispense advice, it’s not so easy to live by it – as evidenced by the likely fact that you aren’t living by it, either! Even if you are, not everyone is in the same place on their journey. If you are a few steps ahead, use that opportunity to share what you now know in a constructive and helpful way. No one likes to feel judged.

Remember who you were before you knew what you know now. Remember that at some point in the future, you will probably look back at Current You and realize you still had so much to learn. This will keep you grounded and humble. Focus on you – walk your talk and live your intentions. The rest will flow as it should. Sending you love!

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