What If You Let Go Of The End Results?

If you want to survive as a creative, this is essential.

But I’d argue that it’s essential to surviving in almost any instance where you’re putting something out into the world.

I don’t like the idea that our creative works are our children. I don’t think we should be so attached to them – that’s what keeps us stuck and miserable if they aren’t received with the amount of appreciation we believe they deserve.

Yes, we should create with our whole hearts and do the best we can. But as far as mental health is concerned, we should also release those creations once they are out in the world, and trust that whatever is meant to happen will happen. This is how we keep ourselves in flow and moving into the next creative venture without getting stuck on past endeavors.

The world is subjective and there is a lot that we don’t control. As such, we make ourselves unhappy by trying to micromanage what others think of what we do. Worrying about perceptions and judgments outside of ourselves takes us out of our flow and into an impossible situation that we will never conquer, because we don’t control the minds and actions of others. We have to make it, love it, be proud of it, and then let it go.

I believe that the key to finding peace and happiness in doing what we love is to trust ourselves and also be of service. Trust that creating the idea, the program, the work of art – it’s enough. It’s what we are meant to do. And then, put that creation out into the world, to help and support others. Trust that it will end up in front of those who need its medicine the most.

This simple act of letting go is the key to not losing your mind! Putting our creations into the world feels so vulnerable that, most of the time, we never even do it. Trust that you are meant to be creating and that your creations are valuable, no matter what they are. Let go of attachment to what people think. Nothing matters except what you think. Make yourself proud.

You’ve got this. I believe that you can find creative inspiration and flow if you release the grasp on end results. Just breathe, be yourself, and let your unique expression shine! Sending you love.

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