What If You Honor The Moment?

Do you try to “push through” when you’re feeling scattered or just sort of off? Will things to happen, even though you don’t feel grounded? Keep moving further and further into dissatisfaction and frustration with yourself because you can’t do what you want to get done?

Maybe that’s not the way to go.

I get it – I do it too, sometimes. But I’m getting better at identifying when something isn’t working and allowing myself to relax into listening to what I truly need. Sometimes, you just aren’t going to get anything done until you allow yourself something else first. Listen in to what your body is telling you. Maybe it needs movement, or breath, or nourishment. Maybe it needs to switch to a different type of task, so you can engage the brain in a more suitable way for the moment. Maybe it simply needs you to release and surrender into doing nothing.

What usually happens? You think, I don’t have time to indulge in X, Y or Z. I need to get this *insert task here* done. And then what happens? You can’t focus, your productivity drags, and you end up not far from where you started – but add the frustration and annoyance in. So what is wasting more time, then? You’re better off pausing, noticing what you need, and actually fulfilling that need. Then you can get back to your day with improved focus, clarity and ease.

When you begin to realize that pausing actually saves you time instead of wasting it, you start to rearrange your priorities. You start to put your well-being first, recognizing that it’s actually for the betterment of everyone around you too.

Don’t worry about the future or the past. Don’t focus on something you can no longer change or cannot control. The moment is what you have. It’s all you have. What are you going to do in the moment? Honor it, and honor yourself? Or keep ignoring and suppressing your needs until you end up burning out? That doesn’t sound too fun to me.

You can learn to strengthen your intuition and connection to your body. I know, because I’ve done it over the last couple of years. It’s a game changer. If you want, I can help you do it, too – as an Embodied Expression Facilitator I use the various skills I’ve acquired over my life to help you move past anxiety and stress into deeper connection with your true self. If you’re interested in working with me, I’m here for you. Sending you love.

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