What If The Journey Is About Making Mistakes?

If it is, I’m doing great! Ha…ha. In all seriousness though, we vilify mistakes in our world. And why? If we are constantly afraid to make a wrong move, then we become paralyzed and take no action at all. There is no shame in mistakes, but we have projected this perception that they are something forbidden. In actuality, all the most successful people make many, many mistakes on their journeys. They are successful because they attempt different ways of being, and if they do commit an error, they don’t let it stop them from trying again.

I believe now – as a recovering perfectionist myself – that life is actually ABOUT making mistakes. It’s about how we treat ourselves and others after we make them. It’s about how we recover from them.

If we don’t allow ourselves the space to mess up, how are we supposed to grow? We don’t. We stay small and stuck, but hey, at least we aren’t making mistakes… see how silly that sounds? We can see logically that it doesn’t make any sense. Still, this mentality is so ingrained in us from childhood that we still resist the idea of failing at anything. We are taught to strive to be the best – that our worth depends on it.

What a different world it would be if everyone learned instead that we have inherent worth no matter what we do or achieve. That would create abundant freedom, freedom to try out alternate ways of living. Freedom to tune in to the truth of our souls and find a deep inner happiness, rather than always attempting to “win” something outside of ourselves. If we weren’t constantly in competition, trying to fit in, trying to be accepted – well, we would create a hell of a lot more. We would innovate and think outside the box. We would free our inner creative selves to remain curious and playful.

In essence, we would be better for it. The world would be better for it.

I encourage you to begin. Allow yourself to start experimenting, even if it means failing. Allow yourself a new perspective. No matter how small the endeavor, start retraining your mind to be okay with mistakes and just keep on going. Little by little, you’ll find the freedom you were born to enjoy.

Sending you love!

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