What If You Just Do Your Best In This Moment?

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for us to remember to be kind to others, but unfortunately it often does. We forget to be our best until something shakes us out of it. Then, inevitably, we settle back into complacency and forget again for a while.

Doing our best in this moment is not only a kindness to others, but a kindness to ourselves. It’s an acknowledgement that we are doing the best with what we know right now. It may not be the same as our future best – not if we are doing our jobs and evolving. When we are kind to ourselves, we tend to be kinder to others as well. When we can see our humanity we can see theirs too.

Just as you are doing your best in this moment, remember that others are doing the same. Have kindness. Have compassion. You never know how a bit of patience and empathy on your part may help someone else. They may need that more than you could ever imagine. We are all here searching for the same goals – connection, belonging, feeling valued and worthy. Many people on this earth don’t get to experience these things. Many people feel lonely, lost and hopeless. How you behave towards others can and does make a difference.

Do your best, right here, right now. That is enough. That is everything. You are wonderful, exactly as you are. Sending you love.

*in loving memory of J, rest in peace*

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