What If You Stop Putting Conditions On Your Creativity?

After developing much self-awareness around my procrastination patterns, I’ve learned one thing: you have to commit to your creativity. You have to sit down and create – whether you think it’s shitty, whether you “feel” like it, whether all your other chores are done. If you keep making excuses not to get around to your creativity, you’ll never create anything at all.

I’m an expert in this diversionary tactic. I credit it to my lifelong struggle with imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, and perfectionism. These are a creative’s worst enemies, and I’ve let them hang out in my house rent-free for far too long.

The conditions are almost never quite right to create. I’m too stagnant. I’m too unstable. Work is draining all my energy and I have nothing left. My space isn’t the way I want it to be. The weather isn’t how I want it to be. I have too much adulting to do. I don’t know how to begin. I should prioritize working out, cleaning, cooking, volunteering… it’s literally an endless list. If I spent as much time being creative as I do avoiding my own creativity, I’d be rich and famous by now. Or at least notorious.

The most important step in creating is to simply begin. I’m great at … not doing that. It keeps me small, and stuck, and dissatisfied. I don’t like that feeling, but it is familiar. I am trying to break up with it so that I’m free to pursue healthier relationships. Like trusting in myself and my abilities. Like sitting down and creating, even if it’s shit. Celebrating if it’s shit – because I can evolve and move forward from that. I can’t improve upon nothingness.

It’s essential to stop saying “I’ll create when…” because you are literally using time and energy to avoid your own happiness in favor of staying safe! How crazy is that? And yet, the majority of us do it. You aren’t lazy. You aren’t lacking talent or vision. You’ve simply been trained to fear taking risks. Now it’s your responsibility (and mine) to unlearn that behavior and step outside of the box.

You’ve got this. When you start viewing creativity as play, as letting your inner self run wild, there’s a lot less pressure. Remember that it’s all about the process, not the final product. Then you can give yourself permission to enjoy what you’re doing as you do it. That’s the entire point! Sending you love.

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