What If Your Body Is Your Best Teacher?

Pretty much everything in our lives has the capability to lie to us, including our minds. Our bodies don’t.

Your body will always tell you the truth – if you allow it. You must take care of it and you must commit to a deep connection with it, if you are to understand the messages coming through. When you are listening, when you are open, you will hear what it needs. Then you must choose to actually defer to your body’s wisdom.

This is where many of us screw up, even if we are in tune with our bodies. We allow our mental conditioning to get in the way. It’s tough to shake off years of being taught one thing, even when your body is quite clearly telling you the opposite. If it was easy, we’d all be in a much better place! But it’s not. And that’s the work – unlearning all the bullshit that lives in our brains and letting ourselves trust our bodies again.

When you were a baby, even a child, you trusted your body. You understood what it needed and you asked for it. Now you have the autonomy to take care of yourself, but you don’t always listen. You don’t always trust. You don’t believe that you deserve to help yourself first. You aren’t alone. We are all out here alongside you, struggling to make our way back to ourselves.

Here’s the thing. If you keep ignoring your body, it will stop whispering. It will become louder and louder, until something happens that forces you to listen. This will most likely be a traumatic mental or physical health event. Don’t let it go that far. You deserve better from yourself.

Your body is your best teacher. All you have to do is lean into being a willing, receptive and responsive student. Your reward? A happier and healthier life. You’ve got this! Sending you love.

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