What If You Embrace What Flows?

In the flow of our lives, our brains often create obstacles that get in the way of the smooth current of our intuitions. We don’t trust what’s simple. We are used to struggling, fighting, running uphill. That’s what we were always told we needed to do to succeed.

It’s not true. We have to unlearn everything that we were taught as we grew up. What’s right is what feels natural and intuitive. The problem is, because we learned that we needed to fight against all odds to achieve, we don’t understand how to let anything… be simple. It doesn’t feel like we’ve “earned” anything if it’s easy, which is incredibly stupid if you really think about it. Why shouldn’t life flow easily, if we are in tune with ourselves and our desires? It makes more sense that it would.

I find the concepts of Taoism really helpful when it comes to embracing flow. It’s a deceivingly simple and beautiful philosophy. We have strayed so far from living in sync with nature and with our own inner knowing, which is exactly what Taoism encourages. I’m not a religious person, but I do consider myself spiritual. I can definitely get behind what this particular belief system has to offer.

We can train ourselves to trust ourselves again, and to lean into what wants to emerge and flow naturally in our lives. It won’t feel comfortable at first, but as we start to see the way our lives open up as we gravitate towards what feels good, we can utilize that boost to keep us going. We were not meant to spend our lives struggling in order to find peace and happiness. That doesn’t make any sense. We were meant to embrace ourselves and the direction that our lives want to take us.

You’ve got this. Sending you love.

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