What If You Examine Your Motives?

Sometimes we don’t realize we are pushing something that isn’t meant to happen. We dig in and we don’t look at where we’re actually coming from. Then we don’t understand why it isn’t working.

We could be motivated by wounds or insecurity. For me personally, this tends to happen most often in my relationships with other people. I approach the relationship from a wounded place. I want someone to like me – not necessarily because I even want to be connected to that person – but because I think it says something about my worth. This applies to all my relationships, not just the romantic kind. I get so in my head sometimes – everyone likes that person, so I need them to think I’m amazing. It’s even worse when it comes to dating. I recognize this pattern, and I’m working on building my self-worth so that I never feel it matters what someone else thinks of me. It’s a long, slow journey.

I’m not telling you that you need to magically change right away. Realistically, attempting that will backfire. Start with some gentle introspection. You probably know deep down when you are pushing something because of an internal issue. I definitely do, even when I don’t want to admit it to myself. If something in your life just isn’t working, sit down and ask yourself why. Why, really? Without blaming it on outside sources or circumstances. Check in with yourself first. Sure, there are always other factors at play, but address what you can control – your own actions and reactions.

The more work we do to heal our inner trauma, the better off we are in all areas of life. There is a greater level of freedom that comes with learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. You stop accepting inauthentic behavior and poor treatment – from yourself and others. When you hold yourself to a high standard, you understand that you deserve that level of respect from everyone else too.

Take some time to dig into where you’re really coming from and whether it’s true to your highest self. When we raise our vibrations, we raise the quality of our lives. We raise the vibrations of everyone around us. We make this world a better place, one person at a time. You’ve got this. Sending you love.

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