What If It’s All Gonna Be Okay?

Much of our fear and anxiety comes from this idea that if something changes, we won’t be okay. We don’t trust ourselves to handle whatever comes our way. Our learned experience suddenly disappears when faced with a new obstacle. We forget everything we have already been through and overcome, even if this has happened over and over again.

Honestly, if you can learn to believe that everything can and will be okay, the rest takes care of itself. Your trust in yourself and the support of the universe is the key. What we believe to be true informs the way that we move through life. If we believe that the world is scary and that life is always precarious and uncertain, that will be our reality. If we believe that life is happening for us and we are capable and resilient – that will be our reality.

We have much more agency than we believe we do. Sure, there is a lot in our lives that we cannot control. I would argue, though, that there is so much we can manage that we simply avoid or ignore. Leaning in to the unknown feels scary as shit. I know that. I also know that if we take a moment to ask ourselves a couple of questions, we can begin to shift.

First question – “when have I been through a similar situation in the past?” Chances are, when you pause to think, there have been many. Are you here now? Are you okay? Did you make it through? When you remind yourself of your recurring strength and resilience, it helps alleviate anxiety about your current state.

Second question – “what’s the worst that could happen?” Yes, the absolute worst. Most of the time it’s really not that bad. Sometimes it is. No matter what the answer, ask yourself, “if that happens, can I survive it?” You may be surprised to realize that, most of the time, you know that you can and will. Even if there is struggle and pain involved, there is hope on the other side.

I challenge you to shift your entire mindset. Can you go through life with an attitude of “it’s all gonna be okay”? As someone who was stuck in perpetual negativity and toxic thinking for most of my life, I can personally attest to the magic of a new perspective. It’s not an immediate switch by any means, but I think that if you have faith that it can actually work, it helps you to begin the process.

I believe in you. You’re gonna be okay. You are doing so much better than you think you are. We are always our own worst critics. You’ve got this. Sending you love.

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