What If You Trust What Comes?

It’s easy to get bogged down in worry about the future – so much so that we forget the present.

We are told our whole lives that we must plan ahead. Have a 5-year strategy, a 10-year strategy, a 20-year strategy. We are constantly berated into forecasting a future that we cannot actually mastermind. Sure, we can control our own actions and how we approach our lives. But there are many factors outside our reach. We can only control how we respond to those independent forces.

Now, after a lifetime of feeling like we are bad at life because we didn’t plan ahead well enough, we’re told to learn to be present. That we’re wasting our lives by doing exactly what everyone taught us to do, when we were perfectly content to be where we were in the first place. We need to unlearn everything that was drummed into our brains.

Is it any wonder that we struggle with trust?

I’ve spent the last couple of years working on trusting again. Trusting myself to take care of my needs and set healthy boundaries. Trusting others not to betray or abandon me – and trusting that I can be okay if they do. Trusting that the universe is here to support me, not sabotage me. It’s a complicated journey, this pathway from survival mode to self-liberation. The reason I keep going is it feels damn good! It wasn’t always that way, especially in the beginning – but I trusted that there was something better out there for me and kept going. I still have tough days, but I tell you what – I have far less than I did before I started doing this work.

It’s a daily exercise to trust what comes. The irony is that what we are really doing is surrendering to our lives, to the idea that anything is possible for us. This is freedom, if we can allow it! We are so used to clinging on to our comforts, to our limiting beliefs, to familiarity. If we learn to leap… well, we just might fly.

Sending you love.

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