What If You Surrender To The Cycle Of Life?

When we are in a lull, it’s often tough to remember that it’s a normal part of the life cycle. We panic. We worry that nothing will ever move forward again. We forget about every time this has happened in the past, no matter how frequent. The human memory can prove quite short when confronted with fear and anxiety about the present.

When we sense difficulty or an obstacle, the worst thing we can do is try to struggle or fight with it – and yet, that’s usually exactly what we do. We are so afraid of change, or even a lull in our rhythm, that we try to prevent it. Guess what happens then? We burn out. We push so hard that we lose sight of reality. We forget that all of nature operates on cycles, and humans are meant to as well. This machine we’ve created, this world where we have to be relentlessly productive at all costs, has nothing to do with nature at all. We are not meant to live like this, but we’ve been led to believe this is the only way to survive. It isn’t – it’s killing us.

Release. Relax. Surrender to the natural ebb and flow of your life. It’s not wrong when you experience a period of stillness or hibernation. It’s simply the way of things, and was long before we decided as a society to actively fight how the natural world works. Say no to the constant pressure to be productive. Say no to pointless busy-ness. Come back to the truth of who you are. Come back to the truth of how you were meant to live.

You have the courage and the trust to find ease in the cycle of your life. I know you do. Sending you love.

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